I’m a Product Design Lead with 8+ years of experience across Meta, IDEO, MSFT, and various freelance work. I’ve led large teams, been a high-level IC,  and refined my approach to design and mentorship through the amazing folks I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside.

As both a people-person and a systems-thinker, I’ve found that my favorite challenges ask me to think, empathize, and build in new and innovative ways.

Want to dive deeper into my work or simply jam on a design idea? Let’s chat ✌🏼

mae.boettcher@gmail.com · Linkedin

04. IDEO

IDEO is a global design + strategy firm focused on driving meaningful impact through design.

Audible · Goldman Sachs · Pearson Airport · Mattel · Fruit St · Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation · Blue Cross Blue Shield · Sony · MSFT · XQ · and many more
    Interaction Design Lead — 2018 · 2019 · 2020 · 2021

    Grew from junior IC -> Project Lead. Led cross-functional teams of designers, researchers, data and business folks.
    Proudest moments // 30,000 throughput prototype @ Pearson airport, launching an energy venture, prototype -> funding for a childcare non-profit.