I’m a Product Design Lead with 8+ years of experience across Meta, IDEO, MSFT, and various freelance work. I’ve led large teams, been a high-level IC,  and refined my approach to design and mentorship through the amazing folks I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside.

As both a people-person and a systems-thinker, I’ve found that my favorite challenges ask me to think, empathize, and build in new and innovative ways.

Want to dive deeper into my work or simply jam on a design idea? Let’s chat ✌🏼

mae.boettcher@gmail.com · Linkedin

05. Modern Fertility 

Modern Fertility (since acquired by Ro Health) is a women’s health and wellness startup aimed a bringing fertility information to women at a reasonable cost.
  • Freelance Product Designer — 2020

3 month contract. Boost to founding designer.

Feature updates: e.g. calendar redesign, historical logging, community entrypoints.